Explanatory Video for Advertisers:
How it works Video:

What do I need to create Advertising profile?

1) Basic PROFILE info about your business

Name, Size, Industry, Phone number

(+1 US number) and e-mail of Advertiser.

2) Upload Video or Banner (with targeted consumer profile)

  • Uploaded video has to be approved by InADrive before becoming active, so that there is no discriminatory or abusive content.

  • All presented content that will be shown to viewers will have video seen method implemented by the system.
  • Targeting Consumers options: 1) based on zip code and interests or 2) direct placement.
  • Video quality optimized to 720p.

3)Transfer funds to your InADrive account ( >$9.99)

  • The amount will be deducted from your InAdrive account balance per each view of your Ad .
  • Transfer funds on InADrive account through Paypal or any credit or debit card.
  • All transfered available funds are refundable.

Other general info for advertisers

Advertisers dashboard with all major info

Transactions, balances,

pending/seen videos.

ADS tab- create and control ads

Upload, activate, select, control videos and banners.

VIEWS tab - list of your ads

  • Each Ad will show new screen with actual views info.
  • All have targeted interests shown.

VIEWERS Info (Under VIEWS tab)

Gender, age and location of person that has seen your video.


Contact us about any concern

that you might have and we

will respond promptly.

more info how app works from riders side:

Create a profile.

  • This is the most popular way to connect so that the process is quick and painless. All the personal info is safely stored within the Inadrive Platform.

Choose your interests.

  • Selection of current interests can be modified anytime and it provides assurance that it is matched with right Advertising Content.No need to register any type of payment.

Request a ride.

  • All selections have to be within Operating Inadrive area that is posted on website and social media.Ride is not transferable so pick up has to be within 0.5 miles from the GPS location of the Rider.

Receive the Inadrive time.

  • The time of the Digital Video Advertising Content is the same length as the length of the ride. The Content contains different numbers of matching videos. The rider can watch the content during the drive, or they can watch later.

Watch the Content.

  • The content is matched with the Riders interests and has to be watched until the end in order to request another ride.

More info about Inadrive:

  • Simple and secure platform where Riders have the actual payment free trip to their destination in exchange for their attentive watching video Ads on InADrive App.
  • It's not just another replica of existing Ride Sharing Apps. Drivers still get paid, advertisers get in front of their audience, and users get free transportation around their city. All this to work we have combined certain limitations that make sure the platform is operating the most efficient for all participants.
  • Consumers (Riders) receive InADrive time (Trip time --> Ads time) which consists of videos from different advertisers, and watch them one by one, at their convenience. Riders are unable to request the ride until all content has been seen from the previous ride. Advertisers pay for portion of Riders trip and get charged only when their Ad is seen.
  • We have managed to create method of enjoyable, attentive presentation of ads that is crafted specifically for smartphone individual users. It provides assurance that video is always seen, and yet it can be seen anytime and anywhere during or after the ride.
  • Our unique approach on advertising presentation has never been seen on the market! Check out how it works. The value of it is much higher compared to other digital advertising distributors today.

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